Our responsibility for legal and ethical business conduct

I believe that the Millennium DHD  is a company of people who are professionally engagedand excited about your future, which is a reflection of our commitment to continuous development and a clear business conduct.
We are a company driven by our members as of paramount importance for us:
- Uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do
- To meet the expectations of our customers with innovative solutions, high quality, value and service
- To keep the confidence of all those associated with the Millennium DXD
We will continue to apply all these values ​​as a basis for their daily behavior and decision making.
As we work together to build a strong future, we will apply high standards of conductembodied in the Millennium DXD initiative, every day throughout.
All our customers expect it of us. But more importantly what we expect of ourselves in the future.
Hristo Mirchev