Maintenance of elevators

The elevator support we offer foresees regular checks of the electrical and mechanical equipments of the elevators, cleaning, greasing and control of the knots in order to ensure correct functioning and prevention of disruptions in their work. The prevention is being done by specialists at least once a month. Our company for elevators and escalators is in possession of technical capabilities and qualified personnel proven via active certificate for conducting maintenance and repairs of elevators and escalators by „The Inspection for state technical supervision" (РО "ISTS"). A proof for the quality of our work is the list with contented clients. The elevators' maintenance is done in compliance with the state "Regulation for safe exploitation and technical supervision of elevators” and with the requirements of the production factories.  The base of „Millenium DHD” is equipped with the necessary technique and spare parts for repairs and replacement of   equipment. In order to improve the effectiveness of the emergency maintenance in residential areas we have set up an emergency service ensuring the evacuation of passengers from the elevators in each area in the capital in the time frame of 30 minutes.