Repair during exploitation

The company team offers all specialized repair services for all types of elevators: - main repairs of elevators and escalators- partial and ongoing repairs of elevators and escalators- planned repairs and preparation of documentation for elevators and escalators. The main, ongoing and emergency repairs conform to the requirements for maintenance of the relevant type of supervisory devices in accordance with the „Regulation for safe exploitation and technical supervision of elevators”When organizing the work we strictly conform to the requirements for safe work as well as the agreed deadlines. We pay special attention to the periodic overview of the elevators. This allows the eventual problems and break-downs to be prevented even before their formation which in fact brings to a minimum the time for non-use of the elevator due to emergency repair.   „Millenium DHD” offers different types of contracts depending on the services our customer needs. The proper support plays a key role for securing the safety of the elevators. The quality of the work equipment and the safe exploitation depends not only by the components but also by the qualified support.