Method of work

After a conversation with the client our team performs the following: - visits the site; - determines its current state; - formulates the issue and the requirements of the client; - prepares the necessary documentation and choice of equipment; - consults the client about the advantages and disadvantages of each project.    The company owns an operative certificate for effecting maintenance and repair of elevator systems by RO “'IDTN'” which guarantees the quality and enjoyability of the elevator systems.  The company is licensed by IDTN which guarantees to its clients compliance of the assembled and the subscription elevators and escalators with the requirements of "Regulation for safe exploitation and technical supervision of elevators”. The team of the company is focused on creating a long-term partnership with its clients.   For us there are no uninteresting projects or clients - we are open for communication and cooperation.    Embracing the services of „Millenium DHD” Ltd, you forget about the problems with your elevator!     Most importantly „Millenium DHD” guarantees the quality of the elevators' repair. We are aiming exactly for high quality when providing a service to our clients.    We are conducting repairs of elevators and escalators in the shortest possible terms and in the same time we control the reliability, security, the maintenance of the elevator systems and the escalators, we carefully check all systems after the repair has been finished.   Since we have been working we have not received a single reclamation from a client of ours. In our work we use elevator technique only from proven producers. You can download our standard contract via the icon below: