Our clients have always been extremely satisfied by our mutual work, by the professionalism of our team and by the technical solutions we offer. Below you can see references by some of our clients such as Municipal Administration Sofia, Regional court Pernik, Tokuda Hospital, University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and emergency medicine "N.I.Pirogov" EAD, Specialised Hospital for Rehabilitation "Zdrave" EAD, Management of the Air traffic and others.

Capelen Bulgaria

"Millenium DHD" company supports the elevator system in the administrative building of logistics center "CAPELEN" for more than a year now. For the time of our mutual work our clients have always been extremely satisfied by our services as one can see from the attached reference. read more

Municipal administration Sofia

"Millenium DHD" works in accordance with a public tender of the Municipal administration Sofia. In the attached reference you can see the reviews of our clients. read more

Regional Court Pernik

Our company supports the elevators in the building of Municipal Court Pernik for more than 3 years already. For this time we have proven our professionalism, speed and adequacy of reactions as one can see from the attached document.  read more

University multiprofile hospital for active treatment and emergency medicine N.I.Pirogov EAD

Our work with UMHATEM"N.I.Pirogov"began with the removal of specific defect in the elevator system in the building of the hospital ("Thyssen"type). We are proud to say that our specialists are qualified enough to offer professional and when necessary, innovative and even not standard solutions to each problem regardless of its complexity. For more information, please see the attached reference.  read more

Management of the Air traffic

For the whole period of almost 4 years of contract relationship with the Management of the Air Traffic "Millenium DHD" carries out all contract duties professionally, of high quality and in due time.  read more

Specialised Hospital for Rehabilitation Zdrave EAD

For the team of "Millenium DHD" is an honor to work with Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation "Zdrave" EAD. Our mutual work began more than 3 years ago and during the whole period we have numerously proven that "Millenium DHD" is a reliable partner. read more

Tokuda Hospital Sofia

It is an honor for us that we have the opportunity to maintain the elevator systems in the building of Tokuda Hospital Sofia. The maintenance of these modern elevator devices from the "Schindler" brand is an extremely responsible task, especially taking int account the importance of the elevators for the work in the hospital. read more

Toplofikacia Pernik EAD

We work with Toplofikacia Pernik EAD almost for 4 years. In the attached reference you can see the reviews of our client. read more