Elevator services „Millenium DHD” Ltd offers the following services: -maintenance of elevators- repairs during exploitation- support of elevators- modernization of elevators read more

Subscription support

Subscription support, including subscription and service maintenance as well as emergency, ongoing and main repair, reconstruction and modernization of elevators and escalators. read more

Repair during exploitation

The company team offers all specialized repair services for all types of elevators: - main repairs of elevators and escalators- partial and ongoing repairs of elevators and escalators- planned repairs and preparation of documentation for elevators and escalators read more

Maintenance of elevators

The elevator support we offer foresees regular checks of the electrical and mechanical equipments of the elevators, cleaning, greasing and control of the knots in order to ensure correct functioning and prevention of disruptions in their work.  read more

Modernisation of elevators

The goal of modernization is replacement of the worn-out equipment, renewal of the interior of the cabin and the door. When modernizing we use contemporary materials, new technical solutions and technologies.  read more