Service maintenance

The elevator service supports all types of elevators and escalators including:

- passenger elevators

- freight elevators

- panoramic elevators

- platform elevators for wheelchairs

- freight platform elevators

- hydraulic elevators

- external elevators

- elevators for cars

- escalators

- hospital elevators 

Passenger elevator - the most common type of elevator. These are  elevators we can install in business and residential buildings such as banks, administrative buildings, shopping centers etc.  

Hospital elevators for medical and health institutions. – their production is conforming to all requirements for transportation of patients.    

Freight elevator. The freight elevators are heavy-freight elevators (with lifting capability between 500 - 5000 kg) and small freight elevators.   

Heavy-freight elevators are used for mechanization of load handling operations in production sites, customs' terminals, big shopping centers, warehouses etc. 

Small freight elevators - with capacity between 100 и 250 kg are suitable for restaurants, bars, banks, libraries etc.   

Platform lifting devices and elevators for disabled people - taking care of disabled people is one of the main characteristics of a civilized society. The special elevators, lifting devices  and platforms   provide comfort and facilitated access to the people with difficult and restricted mobility.  

Escalators and moving travelators - lifting-transportational devices in the form of bent stairways with stairs (escalators) or horizontally situated, without stairs (travelators) for ascending and descending of the passengers.  

Panoramic elevator. Panoramic elevators which are installed in modern business centers and commercial buildings. These are passenger elevators with glass walls through which one can enjoy a panoramic view. This type of elevator is relatively new to our market but we have entirely managed all technologies necessary for maintenance and support of the panoramic elevators and technologies and  we guarantee the quality of work of these devices.  

Hydraulic elevators. The advantage of the hydraulic elevators (or elevators with hydraulic drive) is the low noise level. The contemporary elevators with hydraulic drive have incorporated antiblockout system which in case of power supply drop off guarantees the movement of the elevator to the closest floor and opening of the doors.   

We guarantee that the elevators and escalators which we support conform to all requirements for safe exploration according to the Bulgarian standards.